YoSemiTek Graphical Arts
2007.11.26: Last Call for Participation — Help Shape 2008!
We are rapidly approaching the one-year mark on the newest features to this web site — the two blogs “Tip of the Week” and “Photo of the Week”.  We at YoSemiTek continue to be amazed at the growing popularity of our site, and the connections and reconnections that have resulted from our postings to these blogs.
While we have been keeping up with the weekly blog postings, and have been doing more photography and more workshops, we have been slow in adding new galleries and tutorials.   We love what we do here, and some of the purest joy comes from sharing perspectives, and teaching and encouraging others to expand their creative horizons.  However, we all have jobs outside of YoSemiTek, so our time and resources are limited.  We want to maximize the value of what we do on the YoSemiTek web site.
Ultimately, the value of this web site depends on us providing value to you, our audience and customers.  Around the beginning of 2007, when we embarked on the redesign of our site and the beginning of the weekly blogs, we took a guess about what would be valuable to you.  Your responses have given us an indication that we were at least partially right in our guess.  But we want to do better than guess as we start planning for 2008.  Here’s where your input becomes particularly valuable to us.
We’ve heard from some of you; we’d like to hear from more of you!
Please review the content and features on this site and then send us some e-mail, sharing your thoughts on what’s working, what’s not, and what changes you’d like to see; you can do this easily by clicking this E-MAIL link or, if the link doesn’t work for you, send e-mail to Feedback@YoSemiTek.com with subject “Shaping YoSemiTek for 2008”.  We’re planning to take a 2-week hiatus (no new blog postings) at the end of December and, in that time, will make some improvements to our site based on your suggestions.  We all know that it takes a lot less effort to be just a viewer rather than a reviewer, but we hope that you see enough potential value in what we’re doing that you’ll feel inclined to share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.  We’ll all benefit from your feedback.
Thank you for joining us on this great journey.  We’re looking forward to receiving your input and making this site even better!