Photo of the Week
Sun Dog Over Oslo
For many years, Norway has been on my list of places to go and photograph; I’ve been particularly
Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist
This dandelion is incomplete.  Imperfect.  From a distance, I saw only a beautifully side-lit
Song of the Ancients in the Hands of the Rising Generation
I selected this piano, from among 5 that looked identical (but sounded different), when I was a
Thanksgiving Cactus
What?  You’ve never heard of a “Thanksgiving Cactus”?  I hadn’t either, until we got this plant a
These are photos which have special meaning to the photographer.  Perhaps it was the challenge involved in taking it, or the right confluence of favorable circumstances, or maybe it just forced us to look more carefully at our craft and responsibilities.  We hope these photos will awaken something inside of you, and make you see the world a little differently than before.